Natural Cool

Water Mist Cooling, Dust Suppression & Odour Control

Natural Cool provides water mist cooling for open areas and workshop environments. This innovative system features atomization of millions of minute water droplets which during evaporation absorb heat to reduce atmospheric temperatures by approximately 10°C. This solution is suitable for open spaces and wide protected spaces with adequate ventilation.

Natural Cool cooling is an effective and efficient alternative to environments where conventional air conditioning systems are impractical such as workshops, courtyards, open-air hospitality venues, sporting concerts, workshops, commuter stations and platforms, and any large, open and ventilated environment. The products can also be used for dust and odour suppression applications.

Natural Cool components are manufactured in Italy and the cooling and humidification solutions have been installed internationally for over 20 years.

Why Choose Natural Cool

  • A European leader in the design and manufacture of high pressure misting products and pumps
  • All Natural Cool products are subjected to stringent control tests and meet TUV approval, international energy and design standards
  • Flexible range of system options
  • Water and energy efficient
  • Products designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Firestorm Fire Protection
  • Installation and servicing by Firestorm.

Natural Cool’s cooling system operates by removing heat from the air rather than cooling the air. The system works by atomizing water to micro droplets which evaporate when they come into contact with hot air, effectively consuming the heat and dropping the immediate temperature by 10°C.

Areas of use: workshops, factories, hospitality, outdoor venues, and crowd events.

Natural Cool has over 20 years of experience in humidity control and design for multiple industries. Our system is innovative, cost-effective and has low energy requirements. Artificially controlled humidity levels are provided significant operational improvements in many commercial and industrial applications where particular environmental moisture content levels are required.

Areas of use: food processing, printing, textile industry, offices, textiles, wood, manufacturing, defence, computer rooms, and greenhouses.

Our Natural Cool system offers an effective solution for dust suppression. High-pressure water mist (up to 105 Bar – 1.500 PSI) reduces and deletes dust and other kinds of airborne particles.

Areas of use: asbestos production, mining, mining extraction, quarries, foundries, grain storage, and cement production.

Natural Cool’s technology provides a low cost and environmentally sustainable water-based solution to reducing odours by deleting odorous particles.

Areas of use: waste industries, chemicals, farming, and food industries.

  • Standard radio command
  • Brass patented pump
  • Low revolution motor
  • TUV Approval on all pumps
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to install
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy.

  • Misting Modules: New Basic; Eco Evo; HPro; HPro Mz.
  • Misting Fans: Axial Fan; Tangential Fan; Elimist; Skymist.
  • Misting Nozzles: SS Nozzle; Brass nozzle.
  • Misting Accessories: Couplings; Hoses.
  • Used for cooling, humidification, dust suppression & odor control
  • Perfect for large, open spaces
  • Installed in factories, manufacturing plants, hospitality areas, public facilities
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Exclusively distributed, installed & serviced by Firestorm Fire Protection

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