Heavy-Duty Mobile Equipment Fire Protection

Our AFEX fire suppression system is designed to protect heavy mobile equipment from fire. The AFEX systems are rugged, reliable, and effective.

AFEX systems provide versatile providing protection for everything from engine fire to debris fire. Once installed, an AFEX system becomes a permanent part of the machine and with proper maintenance, can last the vehicle’s entire service life.

AFEX comes in three configurations:

  • dry chemical
  • liquid agent
  • dual agent systems.

Each system can be activated manually or automatically and can be configured to accommodate any piece of equipment, large or small, from hydraulic mining shovels down to skid steer loaders.

All AFEX fire suppression systems can be easily serviced and recharged in the field with standard everyday hand tools. No matter how hostile the environment, the AFEX fire suppression system will protect your heavy equipment from loss and production downtime.

AFEX has been operating for 45 years in the USA and is exclusively distributed and installed in Australia by Firestorm Fire Protection.

  • Circuit Monitor Panel ensures system readiness
  • Control Unit provides advanced visibility and connectivity
  • Rugged design for durability in the harshest of environments
  • Automatic detection and actuation for rapid-fire knockdown
  • Spot thermal, linear, or infrared detection options
  • Side-cartridge technology for reliability and ease of service
  • Stainless steel distribution for durability and reduced maintenance costs
  • Integrated hinged nozzle cap for increased performance and reduced maintenance costs
  • Nontoxic chemical agents
  • Telematics connectivity
  • Third-party tested and approved.


Agricultural machines have a high risk of fires due to the buildup of debris such as straw and crop residue. The heat from the engine and exhaust components can ignite this debris, resulting in a fire which damages or destroys the machine and can spread to the surrounding crops. A rigorous maintenance and cleaning policy will go a long way to reduce your fire risk, and a purpose-built fire suppression system will help minimise damage to your machine if a fire does occur.


Construction machinery works long hours under demanding conditions. Mechanical failures are an unavoidable part of doing business, which is why it is so important to have your equipment protected from expensive fires that can often result in a total loss. And now, with the arrival of TIER 4 engines that are running hotter than ever, the risk of fire has been compounded. Utilising a dual agent system that can address these high temperatures is the most efficient approach to fire protection, and AFEX leads the heavy equipment industry in this area.


Today’s forestry industry has better equipment, better-trained operators, improved resource management and more sophisticated business management. Technological advances have created machines of greater size and strength and have improved operator comfort and ease of operation. However, these bigger and stronger machines have more significant fire risks. The large volumes of hydraulic fluids operating under high pressures create potential fire hazards when hoses leak or rupture. Engine compartments designed to prevent the accumulation of debris inhibit access for routine cleaning and restrict the effectiveness of handheld fire extinguishers and water tanks. Engine compartments located at the rear of the machine hide the fire from sight and make early detection difficult.

Since logging equipment is often operated in remote areas away from the local fire department, a small fire can rapidly turn into a total loss. Equipment losses are not only losses in capital, but also losses in production. In response to their losses, insurers raise rates, increasing the overhead burden for loggers. Unfortunately, due to many myths about fire suppression in the forestry industry, many machines are improperly or inadequately protected. AFEX can help make sure your equipment is protected.


The machines used in the mining industry are some of the most expensive pieces of heavy equipment available. For this reason, mine operators want a fire protection system that’s effective, reliable, and automatic. Because a down machine can halt production, they need a system that’s low maintenance and easily serviced.

The AFEX system is purpose-built to withstand the everyday abuse present in the mining industry. AFEX systems are commonly installed on wheel loaders, dozers, and excavators. Our 125 lb tanks and dual agent (dry and wet chemical) systems are perfect for larger machines such as haul trucks and hydraulic shovels.

Oil, Gas, and Energy

The physical layout of the average hydraulic fracturing spread or drilling operation is a logistical nightmare when it comes to fire. The vehicles operating side-by-side with little room between them create an environment where fire can quickly spread and access for fire fighting is nonexistent. Frac pumps, blender units, and diesel generator set all present a significant fire risk, and a fire on a single machine can rapidly spread and burn through the millions invested in the site.

Thankfully, there is already an established way to combat the fire on heavy equipment. AFEX fire suppression systems are a proven safety and productivity product that stand ready to fight a vehicle or Genset fire at a moment’s notice, attacking the source of the flames before they have a chance to become established and spread to your other machines.

Dry chemical systems are the industry standard for heavy equipment applications by providing the most efficient protection of any fire suppression system. Dry chemical is effective against Class A (debris), Class B (fuel), and Class C (electrical) fires. These types of systems work by flooding a volume of space, such as a vehicle engine compartment, with the fire fighting agent to suffocate the flame.

AFEX dry chemical systems provide fast fire knockdown and perform exceptionally well in enclosed areas. They are suitable for temperatures as low as -65°F (-54C) and are available in 20, 30, 60, and 125-pound sizes.

As technology advances, equipment manufacturers are designing machines that are more powerful and productive while also reducing emissions. The downside to these advancements is increased heat throughout the engine compartment and more hydraulics, creating additional and more severe fire risks.

AFEX has found that dual agent systems, combining the benefits of dry chemical with the benefits of a liquid agent, are the most effective way to address these risks. Dual agent systems are so effective that the National Fire Protection Agency requires them for large hydraulic shovels. Not only are they more effective, but dual agent systems also require less space and are more economical than a comparable liquid-only system for the same machine.

Providing exceptional cooling abilities and Class A (debris) and Class B (fuel) fire suppression, customers around the world are adding AFEX liquid agent systems to their fire protection programs. The AFEX liquid agent works by cooling hot surfaces, separating fuel hydrocarbon molecules to prevent it from igniting, and forming a layer of foam to suffocate the flame.

AFEX liquid agent is non-toxic, non-hazardous, pH neutral, and suitable for temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C). The liquid agent systems are available in 5, 15, and 30-gallon sizes.

Our Control Unit combines microprocessor technology with AFEX durability for the ultimate fire suppression system control and performance. To ensure your machine is protected in the event of a fire, audible and visual signals alert the operator to any problem or alarm conditions. These alerts are also stored on the Control Unit’s internal log for troubleshooting and are displayed on the LCD. The Control Unit is also compatible with telematics, and its internal battery powers the unit for up to a year.

Chances are your new vehicle is equipped with an advanced vehicle or fleet management system. Wouldn’t it be nice if that same system could provide you with increased fire suppression system functionality? With the AFEX Control Unit, it can. The AFEX Control Unit offers multiple flexible inputs and output connections for integrating your AFEX fire suppression system with your vehicle telematics system. This enhanced connectivity can allow you to check the system status remotely, alert your service provider in the event of a system discharge, or even allow you to discharge the system via remote control.

AFEX products employ the latest technologies and standards to meet the rigorous demands on our system and the equipment it protects. The solutions are backed by 45 years of proven field experience and rigorous third-party testing and approvals.

AFEX dry chemical, liquid agent, and dual agent systems carry Factory Mutual and ActivFire approvals and are Australian Standard 5062 compliant. The systems are certified for use in CE compliant countries. These third-party approvals are critical to ensuring that the system has been properly designed to protect offroad equipment.

They ensure that the system will not interfere with your machine and that your machine will not interfere with the system. The testing procedures simulate years of use in the field, ensuring that you are receiving a quality product that is going to perform as expected when you need it the most.

  • Protects heavy machinery in the Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Mining, Oil & Gas sectors
  • Available in dry chemical, liquid agent & dual agent systems
  • Australian Standard 5062 compliant
  • Exclusively distributed in Australia by Firestorm Fire Protection

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