In order to prevent the rise of engine bay fire incidents, the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) brought together a number of industry experts who gave a comprehensive presentation on various cause and effects of truck fires and how to handle them at the ARTSA Heavy Vehicle Fires Conference last August 15, 2019.


The conference brought together forensic investigators, emergency services, policymakers, manufacturers, operators, regulators, and component suppliers. Leading forensic expert and ARTSA Executive Member Dr. Peter Hart says, “The causes of truck fires are generally well known, but an understanding of the causes by the heavy vehicle community and the resultant prevention of these fires has been sadly lacking. It is time that more was done to promote the causes and opportunities for prevention.” 


Adam Gibson, Transport and Risk Engineer of NTI, Superintendent Peter Cleary from Fire and Rescue NSW, Chief Inspector Phil Brooks from the NSW Highway Patrol, and our very own Fogmaker General Manager, Kieran McHatton provided invaluable insights on the causes of truck fires and how to efficiently and effectively prevent or extinguish truck fires.


Kieran and the Fogmaker team presented a practical demonstration of the effectiveness of the Fogmaker Water Mist Fire Protection System during the ARTSA Conference. Fogmaker is one of the most modern fire suppression systems in the market.